Saturday, December 05, 2009

New Super Mario Bros Wii Dolphin

Dolphin-x64-r4628, E8400 @ 3.8ghz, 4GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 260 216 Core.
Settings were at 1080p 4AA 16AF DX9 mode.

Ran at constant 60FPS with perfect audio too with no graphical errors. Due to recording with Fraps it recorded at 30FPS and caused audio problems which do not happen otherwise.

This video presents a couple of minutes taken from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the latest brainchild of talented Shigeru Miyamoto San which brings Nintendo’s unbearable mustache-equipped plumber on the new-gen and sells an enormous amount of copies worldwide. The game is fresh, the Dolphin SVN build used to record the video too and the Full HD resolution is a luxury no Wii physical machine could afford, something made possible just thanks to the magic of emulation and (of course) the PC platform superior power.

The system used for the YouTube performance is a respectable rig, equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 CPU overclocked at 3,8 GHz, GPU NVIDIA GTX 260 and 4 Gigabytes of RAM. According to the author on such a system New Super Mario Bros./Dolphin runs at constant 60 FPS without problems of sorts, while the clip presents half the speed and some audio distortions because of the recording work by Fraps.