Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Zultan, the Animated Speaking Fortune Teller

Zultan Animated Speaking Fortune TellerThis is a baritone-voiced animatronic fortune teller that automatically detects your presence and consults with an encased skull between his palms, or allows you to interact with onlookers when you speak through the fortune tellers mouth using a wireless microphone.

The fortune tellers head is concealed in its display box behind a curtain that parts aside when motion or sound is detected in front of the tellers box.
The fortune tellers wrinkled head, toothless mouth, and recessed feral eyes move in unison while he speaks, accompanied by carnival organ music.

He begins with a greeting, then makes a series of movements and vocalizations while he converses with the skull, which flashes its LED eyes and moves its jaw in response.
When the fortune teller is set to manual mode, a wireless microphone allows you to channel your voice through him while you remain hidden; his eyes and mouth will move as you speak.

It operates either with six AA batteries (required) or with the included AC adapter.
Microphone requires one 9-volt battery. 30" H x 22" W x 15" D. (12 lbs.)

Available from:
Hammacher Schlemmer

Watch this video in which Brian West introduces Sean McHose of "Inspector Gadget" to Zultan the animatronic fortune teller.

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