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Dance Dance Revolution for Wii

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party Cover
Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party is the Wii version of the popular rhythm game series Dance Dance Revolution.

The original Dance Dance Revolution is a dance fitness simulation game in which players step on 4 one or more of the arrows on the floor panel at the right time, as indicated by the arrows that appear on the screen.
Depending on how good your timing is, the screen will flash the corresponding miss or perfect.
Players get points from making a number of successful steps.

The player bar located down the bottom of the screen displays how the player is doing:
- "Perfect!" or "Great!" steps will increase the bar
- Misses or near misses will decrease the bar.
After the song finishes the player is given a rank based on his/her dancing performance ranging from Fail to SS.
Any score different from a Fail allows the player to continue.

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party uses the Wii's Nintendo GameCube controller ports.
Hottest Party also supports the Wii Remote and Nunchuk attachment, allowing the user to use their hands while playing.

Some of its features are:
  • Support up to 4 simultaneous players
  • Soundtracks includes licensed smash-hits from the last 4 decades
  • Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk while dancing for greater total body interaction
  • Swing the Wii controller to send obstructions to your opponents while competing
  • New gameplay twists, fun minigames and other challenges
  • Added modes and difficulties for all ages, including Friendly Synch and Kind Support Mode
The original Dance Dance Revolution is targeted for both children and adults and besides the Arcade version, it has been released on a number of video game consoles, including the PlayStation, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Game Boy Color, Xbox, and Xbox 360.
Home versions are bundled with soft plastic dance pads and some third-party manufacturers produce hard metal pads at a higher price.

There's also a version of Dance Dance Revolution produced for the PC in North America. It uses the interface of Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix, and contains around 40 songs from the first six mainstream arcade releases.

Playing Dance Dance Revolution is an excellent aerobic exercise and a great calorie burner.
Researchers from the Mayo Clinic, found that children playing Dance Dance Revolution expended significantly more energy than children watching television and playing traditional video games.
That's the reason why West Virginia’s authorities has committed to installing the game in all 765 of its public schools by next year to encourage physical activity and help fight obesity.
"If we can get children to change their behavior at a young age they hopefully will grow up to be healthy, active adults, which would have a positive effect on health care costs,"
said Carl Callison from Mountain State Blue Cross.

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